H2O Group team specializes in the development and implementation of projects supervisions in investment processes in the field:

  • installations and networks on water and wastewater management,
  • hydrology,
  • gas,
  • heating,
  • electrical and telecommunication engineering,
  • environment.

We provide our Clients:

  • development of design documentation,
  • obtaining the required permits, including the most important building permit and formal and legal documents for the investment.

Our advantage is the realization of comprehensive services related to the installation, networking and coordination interbranch necessary at the design stage. We use a flexible scheme of conduct in the investment process, both in terms of installations and networks. We are guided by the motto that every task is to do, it’s all about time.

Our activity also relies on collaboration with experienced partners in the field of surveying projects, geotechnical and road and construction.

In order to provide our customers with a comfortable service we also provide printing services with the possibility of commutation of the documentation to the address indicated. We work throughout the country.

H2O Group team consists of people with passion and extensive professional experience.

We have worked with companies such: Mosty Katowice Sp. z o.o, WYG International Sp. z o.o, Q-er Peter Kurzbauer, CEGroup.

We have participated, inter alia, the following projects regarding:

Internal and external plumbing installations for the following objects:

  • hotel building Stylehotels Sp. z o.o.;
  • indoor swimming pool at ul. Żeromskiego 9 in Sosnowiec in the extension, superstructure and reconstruction of the building;
  • Industrial Zone Czapliniecka in Bełchatów in terms of the necessary technical infrastructure;
  • MOSiR in Cieszyn changing room facilities – storage for the installation of water – sewerage;
  • sales department and servicing of cars and trucks by Renault.

Water and wastewater projects:

  • the construction of a public road Ring Road Katowice – Gliwice, part of the “West” stretch G2/4 (from km 4+037.3 to km 5+320.00), G1 (from km 4+060 to km 8+119.85);
  • express road S-8 Walichnowy Wroclaw from km 101+972.92 to km 204+000.00;
  • construction of the S-3 Legnica (highway A4) – Lubawka. Ep. III from km 38+255.00 to km 69+632.05;
  • section of the A1 motorway Tuszyn – Pyrzowice Part III – Episode 3 length design. 31.9 km – node Profession (without a road junction) – Pyrzowice junction (without a road junction) in the field of linear drainage.

Internal and external electrical installations and external electricity networks for public buildings, sports facilities, industrial, commercial and residential buildings:

  • Multi-profile Hospital with Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center at the intersection of Ceglanej and Wita Stworza in the center of Katowice;
  • the building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice;
  • modernization of the Embassy building and Residence Poland in Stockholm;
  • office building complex commercial real Dominican, Wroclaw;
  • office and service buildings Kapelanka, Krakow;
  • group of medical facilities Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center, Katowice;
  • Carbon-Art Cultural Center, Zabrze, Poland;
  • the shopping center “Gardens” in Elbląg.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

We specialize in comprehensive documentation of design services for the interbranch range. Experience and knowledge in use in the development of projects and contacts with investors and officials. Design solutions tailored to existing legislation and wallets of our customers.